Los Angeles Dedicated Servers

Exclusive flagship performance

The server is designed for resource/performance-intensive WEB applications. All machine components are made from top international brands. Excellent performance, fault tolerance, and scalability are all unique to you

Intelligent control anytime and anywhere

Serve you will have a smart console based on WEB, support mobile phones, tablets and PCs, and efficiently manage and deploy all your resources and understand the running status of your machine anytime, anywhere

T3 Enterprise Security

The data center is equipped with Golden Shield hardware firewall, T3 fault-tolerant security environment, and fully redundant network design. You have the highest management authority and can customize the security strategy suitable for the IT environment

Intelligent Power Management

You can log in to the management background anytime, anywhere, and remotely restart and switch on and off through a one-button switch, which can be completed quickly within 5 minutes. No need to be operated by our company

Low load, high availability

We control the utilization rate of the entire network of the data center within 60% to ensure continued stability. In the face of peak hours, each user can enjoy redundant bandwidth that exceeds the amount of purchased bandwidth.

Visual Traffic Management

The console has integrated traffic monitoring and provides visual statistics. The import and export bandwidth rate and traffic consumption are accurately recorded, and the statistical time period is accurate to 5 minutes