Company Profile

KuRun Cloud INC was founded in 2019, APNIC member unit, focusing on basic cloud computing and servers Rental service, server room resources covering Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, the United States, Russia, France, Germany and other regions, server rooms Adopt BGP multi-line access, directly connected to China Telecom CN2 network, strong guarantee to provide customers with high quality and stable network resources and equipment rooms. Service. To provide the best information technology solutions for small and medium-sized websites, enterprise foreign trade websites.

Corporate Philosophy

Win-win: A partner based on the pursuit of common interests is a true partner

Efficient: The network era is a competition for efficiency, and efficiency is responsible for both customers and ourselves

Innovation: Innovation is a key element to keep your business alive, especially in the IT industry

Company Vision

Looking to the future, we are full of confidence, our progress comes from the continuous support of our customers, we will be more full of enthusiasm and more Quality products return to our customers. We hope more marketing partners, small and medium-sized enterprises, website development team can cooperate with us in depth, hand in hand to win!

customer first

Respect customers, respond to customer needs in a timely manner, quickly solve customer problems, think and promote work from the customer's standpoint, deeply understand the changes in customer needs, and provide products and services that exceed customer expectations

take responsibility

Takes responsibility, doesn't shy away from challenging work, takes ownership if there is a lack of clarity in the division of labor, doesn't push back when there is a problem, and aims to solve the problem as the first disposal goal

Self-awareness and independence

For the work or events that have occurred through the replay, summary of the excellent mode of reuse in other similar work, the shortage of points for improvement, to achieve continuous growth of the organization and personal growth

Embrace the challenge

Facing all challenges and changes with a positive attitude, improving and optimizing in the constant changes, and achieving self-improvement and breakthroughs with the spirit of not being willing to stick to the rules and remain unchanged